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Week 1
Why programming is an important topic 7 dias
In first week, we will understand why programming is an important topic in Education and the history of programming languages for children. You will learn how to create a simple program using Logo language.
Week 2
Introducing block languages 7 dias
In second week, we will introduce block languages concepts and you will develop a simple game using Scratch language and then share with other students and comment on other’s work.
Week 3
Exploring Snap as an advanced block language 7 dias
In third week, we will understand and explore the Snap as an advanced block language. You will design and build a Snap graphic program then share your program with others and comment on other’s designs.
Week 4
Extending block languages into other domains 7 dias
In fourth week, we will extend block languages into other domains. You will know BlocksCAD language for designing parts for 3D printers, Snap4Arduino for programming the Arduino computer interface board and Blockly, a professional tool for making new block languages. Finally, you will discuss your overall experiences with other students and will create a final project of your choice using any of the block languages we have explored.
  • 4 Semanas
  • 50 VAGAS
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  • Curso em Inglês

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